3rd Annual Unite Williamson

Community Event

Saturday, October 17th

9am - 10am

Via Live Stream

Third Annual Community Event

On Saturday, October 17, 2020, Unite Williamson will host a virtual community event in place of our annual in-person prayer breakfast. While the current pandemic requires our adherence to physical distancing guidelines, Unite Williamson believes that now more than ever, we need to experience connectivity with one another. 

In addition to this year's virtual event, themed "Rooted in Live. United in Hope.", Unite Williamson will be publishing a video series on our Facebook Page. The videos will feature stories from residents of Williamson County sharing how they have connected, reconciled, forgiven, offered hope, helped heal, bridged gaps, or worked together with others.

To hear more about this year’s event and the months leading up to October 17th, please watch this video from Dr. Ken Moore.

Unite Williamson Third Annual Community Event

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About Unite Williamson

Franklin Mayor, Dr. Ken Moore, founded the organization- not in his official capacity as mayor, but as a resident of the Williamson County community- after witnessing the response of a diverse faith-based community following the shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. 

“In the wake of that horrific event, people of all faiths came to the support of the church and the surrounding community,” recalled Moore. “Through Unite Williamson, we hope to strengthen our community by creating a formal connection through prayer and commitment to bring hope and unity in a time of great need, should it arise.” 


“I believe that across all faiths there is a shared compassion that calls us to give of ourselves for the good of others,” offered Moore. “Our hope is that those who attend this event will take the hope, excitement and commitment to serve our county back to their places of worship and surrounding communities.”


Unite Williamson organizers invite all citizens from across the county to participate in this year's event. The organization asks those not able to attend in-person to join the group in praying for Williamson County.


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